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Everyone Speeds. Even Accidentally.

We don’t condone speeding or encourage you to exceed the speed limit, but we live in the real world (like you). A radar/laser detector will help save you from expensive speeding tickets, and it also serves as a helpful reminder to slow down in heavy traffic areas, schools, and even bad weather.

The Basics: Dash-Mount or Custom Installed?

The first step in choosing a detector is deciding betweena dash/windshield-mounting option or a custom installed solution. Either way, the cost will be cheaper than tickets and rising insurance rates!

✪Easy to move and readjust. Plus, if you get a new car, you can simply take the detector with you! ✪Smaller investment

✪ Virtually undetectable to anyone looking – seamless install blends right into your car’s interior/exterior. ✪Advanced features

Radar…Laser… What’s the Difference? Radio Waves vs Light Reflection

Radar guns measure speed broadly via specific radio waves, lacking pinpoint accuracy. Because of this, many police have made the switch from radar to laser in recent years.

Laser guns measure light reflection and are far quicker and more accurate at measuring a vehicle’s location and speed. So make sure your detector monitors BOTH radar and laser signals.

Not Your Dad’s Annoying Beep Machine from Hell

WiFi compatibility for realtime speed-trap alerts ✪ App Connectivity (via Bluetooth or WiFi) that combines your GPS location with realtime traffic reports for up-to-the-second awareness ✪ Preloaded database of all the red light and radar cameras wherever you drive ✪ Smart/Learning detectors will remember areas of high-risk enforcement and remind you next time you roll into the area ✪ False alerts are nearly non-existant because detectors are sophisticated enough to know the difference between law enforcement and grocery stores!

Advanced Systems with Laser Shifting Nearly Invisible Discreet Solutions (that Make You Invisible Too)

What is Laser Shifting? Also called laser jamming or scrambling, laser shifting is the most advanced ticket-protection technology available. Shifting prevents accurate readings from laser guns, essentially altering the signal (or blocking it entirely).

Don’t want anything mounted to your windshield or dash? Ask us about the absolute best custom installed system you can can get – so seamless, no one even knows it’s there! Best yet, this system includes laser shifting, making you virtually undetectable!

Currently laser shifters are legal in 38 states, the exceptions: California, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and the District of Columbia.

And YES, they are legal!

The use of detectors in private-use vehicles is legal in all states, with the exception of Virginia and Washington DC. Various other states have laws against usage in commercial vehicles. Minnesota and California prohibit affixing items to windshields, but with custom installed detection systems (see above), you don’t have to worry about that! Laser jammers/shifters are subject to different laws and vary state-to-state. See below for more information…

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